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Här kommer lite uppgifter om avgiften till Kyusho International™ och vilka förmåner man får genom att vara medlem. Längst ner på denna sidan så finns det också en länk till Kyusho International™ om ni vill veta lite mer om vad kyusho innebär.

Kyusho International ™ is a way of teaching safe, effective Kyusho and making sure that all certified associates gets the highest quality information in an easy to learn and methodical progression they can incorporate into any style or not, all the way through very high levels. It is seminar and personal instruction based as many will not come to a school for numerous reasons including stylistic, monetary, time and political intrusions or restrictions just to name a few! It is a program designed to help the practitioner assimilate Kyusho into their personal methods and or style. This eliminates all of the aforementioned problems and/or reservations. This is a program that was conceived in 1993 and undergoing refinement to the current day,
(many more details and constant updates to come, as it is a living method, and has been proven successful! It was copyrighted in 2000.

The Yearly Membership fees are only $30.00 and register you in our International Data base. It allows for major
discounts in certification fees and all KI events, saving you a lot of money for great training. By tailoring specified number
of training sessions (classes, seminars or other venues), a member can accumulate time and information based on their schedule and budget. After the time and information has been accumulated the member may now submit for level certification. These will be conducted according to leveled structure specified in Kyusho International ™ “Bylaws” and by a qualified and certified KI Instructor.
Notification of passing will be sent to K.I. Headquarters for official Certification and Record,
you will then be issued a formal certificate.

No Belt Ranking will occur to alleviate the political and ego difficulties that would evolve. Instead there will be certificates of achieved levels from 1-9 for student certifications and 1-10 for Instructor Level and Master Instructor Levels.
Member Benefits:

* National and International Exposure and Recognition (through Trade Publications, Functions and Affiliations both public and private)
* International Support (through international network of associated Franchise Developers and Instructors)
* International Membership
* Transferable membership at any KI Developer
* Free 2 day visiting classes all schools worldwide (Holiday and Temporary relocation... over 3 days subject to regular scheduled fees)
* Internationally recognized testing and certifications
* Member Discount to all events and classes

Curriculum Schedule & Certification Fees:

Member Curriculum for advancement in a 9 level system is based on time and skill requirements:
Curriculum is given only to official members and only to their levels so that a strict focus on each level can be obtained.
Advanced Materials and information should and will be under strict curriculum guides as it will give integrity and credibility
Each individual applies for certification when the time and skills can be demonstrated at certification proceedings.

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